PENR Office in Mamburao, together with all its employees and officers, joins the celebration of the 10th year of Earth hour by switching-off all non-essential lights.

In support to this global campaign to broaden the public awareness and active participation in this year’s observance of Earth hour, PENR Officer Conrado A. Espejo, Jr. encourages DENR personnel to take into account the active involvement of key business establishments, the local public officials and local communities throughout the provice by promoting this worldwide initiative and facilitating low-carbon footprints among individuals.

 Through the support of the local parish church in Mamburao, the administrators of private and public schools and in partnership with the local government officials, people in all walks of life have been informed to take personal accountability for their climate impact and make behavioral changes by simply turning-off their unnecessary lights to reduce their carbon footprings.

The local parish church in Mamburao has reminded the general public that the tolling of the bells will be the signal of the start of the one (1) hour lights-off. IEC officer/s and extension officers were involved in the information dissemination and documentation of the whole event.