Regional Special Order

RSO-2021-465Authorizing the Conduct of DENR Mimaropa CY 2021 Year-End Assembly2021-12-20Download
RSO-2021-442Authorizing the Attendance of Administrative Officer IV Marilyn P. Antonio to the Online Submission of Annual Budget Execution plans for FY 2022 Budget 2021-11-17Download
RSO-2021-440Authorizing the attendance of QMS Teams of the Regional and Field Offices to the Readiness Assessment on Nov.22-24, 20212021-11-22Download
RSO-2021-436Amending RSO NO.428 Dated Nov.15, 2021 to include the activity finalization of procedures and Risk/Opportunities Analysis and Actions Planning (ROAAP) From Nov. 17-19, 20212021-11-16Download
RSO-2021-429Authorizing the Attendance of some DENR Mimaropa Personnel to the capacity Building on Community Profiling for the Socio- Cultural Mapping and Documentation in Asian Heritage Parks Special Project 2021-11-15Download
RSO-2021-428Authorizing the Attendance of the QMS Teams of the Original and field offices to the Integration meeting and Cascading Activity on November 16, 20212021-11-15Download
RSO-2021-426Regional Special Order NO.426 Series of 2021 RE: Authorizing the Attendance of Some DENR Mimaropa Personnel to Year-End of workshop on Vulnerability Assessment of priority WATERHSEDS to Climate change on November 23-26 , 2021 in Los Banos Laguna2021-11-18Download
RSO-2021-418Authorizing the Conduct of "Online Training Basic Geographic Information System(GIS)"2021-11-09Download
RSO-2021-418Amendment to Regional Special Order NO.418 Dated November 09, 2021 Authorizing the Conduct of the "Training Geographic Information System (GIS) " On November 22-26 , 2021 Via Zoom2021-11-22Download
RSO-2021-411Authorizing the Attendance of Some DENR Mimaropa Personnel To the ASEAN Workshop on Protected Area Effectiveness :2021-10-27Download
RSO-2021-407Authorizing of Conduct Learning Event of Resource Accounting/Evaluation2021-10-20Download
RSO-2021-402Amending Regional Special Order (RSO) NO. 2016-42 As Amended By RSO NO. 2016-433 As Amended By RSO 2020-150 @ RSO 2018-132, For the review of the Comprehensive Development Management Plan (CDMP) For Forest LANDUSE Agreement (FLAg) And Forest LANDUSE2021-10-12Download
RSO-2021-400Authorizing the Conduct of Cascading of the FY 2022 Operational Planning Guidelines in Preparation of the FY 2022 Work and Financial Plan2021-10-07Download
RSO-2021-392Authorizing Attendance of Some DENR Mimaropa Official and Personnel to the Technical Guidance on Quality Management System and Service/Process Improvement Implementation2021-09-17Download
RSO-2021-380Authorizing Licensed and Permanents Foresters of DENR Mimaropa Region to Conduct Tree Plantation Certification Pursuant to DENR Administrative Order NO.2021-182021-08-19Download
RSO-2021-374Authorizing the Attendance of PASU Krystal Dayne T. Villanada to the Virtual Conference on Protected Area Tourism in A Post-COVID WORLD 2021-08-20Download
RSO-2021-371Pool of Alternative Dispute Resolution Officer (PADRO) and Designation of ADR Focal Person2021-08-16Download
RSO-2021-359Authorizing of Conduct Virtual learning Program in Records Management 2021-07-07Download
RSO-2021-358List of Alternative Dispute of Resolution Officers (ADRO) Authorized to claim Communication/Internet Expense2021-07-16Download
RSO-2021-354Amendment to Regional Special NO.354 Dated June 28, 2021 re: The Conduct of Virtual Training Workshop on Effective WSriting Batch I2021-07-16Download
RSO-2021-352Authorizing the Attendance of Some Personnel to the Virtual Learning Program Records Management2021-06-15Download
RSO-2021-325Authorizing the Conduct of Virtual learning Event of Wood Identification, Dendrology and Wild Alert basic Orientation for Mimaropa Personnel Involved forest and Wildlife Protection and law Enforcement Activity2021-06-11Download
RSO-2021-303Authorizing the Conduct of 2021 NGP Video Blog (Vlog) contest with Theme:2021-05-04Download
RSO-2021-283Designation of Some Personnel as Focal Persons for the Concerns of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council2021-04-13Download
RSO-2021-256Authorizing the Attendance of Some DENR Mimaropa Regions Officials and Personnel to the learning Event on the latest public Financial Management Reforms COA, DBM Circulars and Issuances2021-03-17Download
RSO-2021-205Regional Special Order No.205 , Series of 2021 Dated 17 February 2021on the creation pf Regional Survey team conduct ground Delineation survey of Production Forest 2021-07-09Download
RSO-2021-205Regional Special Order No.205 , Series of 2021 Dated 17 February 2021on the creation pf Regional Survey team conduct ground Delineation survey of Production Forest 2021-03-03Download
RSO-2021-205Regional Special Order No.205 , Series of 2021 Dated 17 February 2021on the creation pf Regional Survey team conduct ground Delineation survey of Production Forest 2021-05-26Download
RSO-2021-132Conduct of Workshop on Affirmation of Rapid land Tenure Appraisal (RLTA) Targets and Planning for ten-year and Land Titling 2021-02-07Download
RSO-2021-130Authorizing the Conduct of Webinar on Mental Health : Stress ManagementDownload
Reassignment of Some Personnel of DENR Occidental Mindoro2021-12-21Download
RSO-2021-021Authorizing the Conduct of Virtual Cascading of CY 2021 Activities and Targets on Conservation and Development 2021-01-20Download
RSO-2021-019Designation of focal person for the Streamlining of Critical Services2021/01/19Download
RSO-2021-380Authorizing Licensed Permanent Foresters of DENR Mimaropa Region to conduct tree plantation Certification pursuant to DENR Administrative order NO.2020-182021-08-19Download
Authorizing the conduct of DENR One Mimaropa Year-End Regional Management Conference for FY 20212021/11/26Download
Authorizing of Attendance of some DENR Mimaropa personnel to conduct of regional workshop on the forestry investment portal(FIP) on December 7-10, 20212021/11/25Download
RSO-2021-402Amending RSO No. 2016-42 as amended by RSO No. 2016-4332021/10/12Download
RSO-483Authorizing the Conduct of Virtual Seminar on Gender and Development (GAD) on December 18,2020 via Zoom2020/12/15Download
Authorizing the Conduct of 4th Quarter DENR One MIMAROPA Regional Management Conference via Zoom Meeting2020/11/05Download
RSO-330Authorizing the Conduct of Virtual Learning Event on Filing of Complaint in Voilation of ENR Laws, Administrative Hearing Procedures, and Search Warrant Application for DENR MIMAROPA Region Personnel2020/10/01Download
RSO-303Re-Assignment of Some Personnel of DENR Occidental Mindoro2020/09/29Download
RSO-300Authorizing the Conduct of Virtual Learning Event on Basic Intelligence and Surveillance Techniques for DENR MIMAROPA Region Personel2020/09/15Download
RSO-247Authorizing the Conduct of Three (3) Batches of Online Training on Coaching for Peak Performance via Zoom2020/07/27Download
RSO-062Creation of Coordinating Team (CT) and Local Advisory Group (LAG) for the Tamaraw Feasibility Study in Mindoro2020/06/11Download
RSO-211Authorizing the Conduct of Webinar on Career Development and Succession Planning2020/06/09Download
RSO-131Creation of Regional Survey Team to Conduct Ground Delineation Survey of Production Forest for Potential Investment within MIMAROPA Region2020/02/18Download
RSO-125Amendment to Regional Special Order No. 119 Dated February 11,2020 Authorizing the Conduct of 1st Quarter DENR ONE MIMAROPA Regional Management Conference2020/02/17Download
RSO-119Authorizing the Conduct of 1st Quarter DENR ONE MIMAROPA Regional Management Conference on March 3-4, 2020 in Palawan2020/02/11Download
RSO-047Reassignment of some Personnel of DENR Occidental Mindoro2020/01/27Download
Authorizing the Conduct of Cascading of Targets of Conservation and Development Division and Field Offices for CY 20202020/01/17Download
RSO-250Amendment and Addendum to Regional Special Order No. 834 Dated December 16, 20192019/12/26Download
RSO-863Popularization / Presentation of Integrated River Basin Management and Development Master Plan (IRBMDMP) of Cluster 3 to LGUs, ACADEME, & Private Sectors Scheduled on October 30, 2020 via ZoomDownload
RSO-721Authorizing the Conduct of Three(3)-Day Capacity Building / Learning Visit of APO Reef Natural Park Protected Area Management Board (ARNP PAMB) and Protected Area Management Office (PAMO) Staff and Selected DENR Personnel in El Nido, Palawan2019/11/25Download
RSO-716Authorizing the Conduct of 2019 DENR MIMAROPA Year-End Management Conference and General Assembly on December 18 to 20,20192019/11/22Download
RSO-1095Designating FR Marites Castillo as Special Collecting2018/02/21Download
RSO-1079Learning Event on Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Action 2018/02/12Download
RSO-1076Lawin Assessment and Strategic Planning for 2018 on February 20-23, 2018 to be held in Region 32018/02/12Download
RSO-614Authorizing the holding of Land Management Forum2017/12/22Download
RSO-609Authorizing the 3 day Live-In Year End Review and Assessment of NGP accomplishment for CY 20172017/12/20Download
RSO-130Designation of EFIS Focal Person in MIMAROPA Region2018/03/19Download
RSO-127Training on "Basic and Advance Mapping" on March 5-9, 2018 at the BSA Twin Tower, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City2018/03/19Download
RSO-084Seminar/Workshop on RM101: Records Management for Newbies on February 27 - March 1, 2018 at Hennan Convention Center, Panglao Island, Bohol2018/02/13Download
RSO-075Management and Investment Planning for Protected Areas on March 5-9, 2018 to be held in Metro Manila2018/02/09Download
RSO-001Conduct of Joint DENR-EMB-MGB MIMAROPA Region Management Conference on January 22-24, 20182018/01/17Download