No.Technical BulletinAttachment
1-A Surveying, Mapping and Planning Development and other Activities for Expanded NGP Planting SitesDownload
1-BRevised Guidelines on Surveying, Mapping and Planning Development and Other Activities for Expanded NGP Planting SitesDownload
2Forest Land Use PlanningDownload
3Measurement Standards in the Conduct of Timber InventoryDownload
4Specifications/Standards for National Greening Program's (NGP) High Value Crops Download
5Delineation and Mapping of Protection and Production ForestsDownload
5-AGuidelines in the Ground Delineation of Production Forests for Investments

6Engagement of the Local Government Units in the National Greening ProgramDownload
7Issues Raised during the Re-Orientation Training on Forestry Laws, Rules and Regulations and its EnforcementDownload
8Adoption and Implementation of the Forestry Information System (FIS) NationwideDownload
9Field Guide on the Conduct of Benchmarking and Impact Assessment of CBFM-CARP ProjectDownload
10Standard Seedling Cost and Unit Cost of Activities of the National Greening Program (NGP)Download
10-AUpdated Standard Cost of Seedlings by Commodity and Activities of the Enhanced National Greening Program
11Supplemental Guide on the Evaluation of Certificate of Stewardship Contracts (CSC)Download
12Specifications/Standards for Arabica Highland Coffee and Lowland Liberica Coffee varietiesDownload
13Standard Cost and Design for Forest Protection and Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) MeasuresDownload
13-ASupplemental Standard Cost and Design for Small Water Impounding System (Spring Development)
14Guidelines on Tree Cutting, Trimming and Pruning within Areas Covered by 69 kV to 500 kV Transmission linesDownload
15Supplemental Standard Cost and Design for Small Water Impounding Projects (SWIP)Download
16Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures in the Preparation of Characterization Reports Cum Vulnerability Assessment and Integrated Watershed Management Plans using GIS and RSDownload
16-ARevised Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures of Watershed Characterization and Climate Resilient Vulnerability Assessment of Watersheds and Preparation of Integrated Watershed Management Plan
17Adoption on the Setting Up of Instrumentation in WatershedDownload
18Documentation of Good Practices in Forest Resources ManagementDownload
19Guidelines in the Establishment and Management of an Arboretum of Native/Endemic TreesDownload
20Enhanced Guidelines and Procedures in the Preparation/Updating of the Community Resource Management Framework (CRMF) and Five Year Work Plan for the CBFMADownload
20-1Approval/Affirmation of Community Resource Management Framework (CRMF) and Five Year Work Plan for the CBFMADownload
21Guidelines in the Conduct of Area Rectification Survey of Overlapping Tenurial InstrumentsDownload
21-AGuidelines in the Assessment, Survey/Resurvey, and Mapping of Areas Covered by CBFMA and Other Tenure Agreement
22-AGrowing Media for Mechanized Container Tree Nursery Download
22-BSeedling Nutrition and Fertilization for Container Tree Seedlings Download
22-CDesign and Layout of a Mechanized Container Tree NurseryDownload
22-DIntroduction to Mechanized Container Tree Nursery Management and Crop Planning Download
22-EPlant Propagation: Basic Principles and TechniquesDownload
22-FIntegrated Pest ManagementDownload
22-GOperating and Maintenance Procedures for the Seedling Machine and Tray FillerDownload
22-HGuidelines in the Watering of Container Tree Seedlings under the Modernized and Mechanized Forest NurseryDownload
22-IKey Success Factors with Seed GeminationDownload
22-JProper Use and Handling of Plastic Seedling TraysDownload
23Third-Party Performance Evaluation of NGP Plantations Established From 2013 - 2016 Pursuant to DENR Memorandum Circular No. 2013-06